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26 января 2016

Diana Mamakova is the “main” student of Tatarstan

On January, 25th, Russian students’ day, the Finale of the annual student award of the Republic of Tatarstan “Student of the year – 2015” took place in “Pyramid” entertainment complex. IEML students won in two out of four given nominations.

23 января 2016

IEML signed a Working Arrangement with a Mongolian-Russian school

On January, 21st-22nd IEML signed a working arrangement with the Mongolian-Russian secondary school named after Yuri Gagarin “Russkiy litsey” which is located in Ulan Bator.

19 января 2016

AACSB business schools representative in IEML

On 15th of January Mr. Timothy Mescon, Senior Vice President and Chief Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa at AACSB International, visited IEML.

12 января 2016

IEML is among top-10 of the most relevant institutes of higher education in Russia

Institute of economics, management and law is the only institute of higher education in Volga Region that has succeeded to get to top-10 of the most relevant institutes of higher education in Russia in the field of management (economics, finance, law). It surpassed many public and private universities of our country.

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