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25 февраля 2016

International management forum started in Kazan

The V International research and practical forum “Effective management systems – guaranties of sustainable development” started its work on the 25th of February in the Grand Kazan Hotel conference hall. Its main organizer is the IEML Institute of business education.

5 февраля 2016

English-language magazine is to be created in IEML

On February, 5th a seminar dedicated to creation of an English-language economics magazine was held in IEML conference hall. The periodical will cover economic issues and integration processes of BRICS cooperation.

3 февраля 2016

International conference “Successive system of inclusive education” took place in IEML

On February, 3rd IV international conference “Successive system of inclusive education” was opened in IEML.

1 февраля 2016

IEML was rewarded for implementing UN-UNESCO international projects

On February, 1st a meeting of the Academic council dedicated to 70th anniversary of the UN was held in IEML.

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