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The history

Institute of Economics, Management and Law is one of the first non-state higher educational establishments of Tatarstan Republic founded in 1994, because of the society’s need in qualified personnel for market economy and law enforcement by the initiative of the Republic of Tatarstan Ministry of Education and the Republic of Tatarstan Supreme Soviet Committee on Education.


  • Since 1994 the Institute started to train specialists in accordance with the Russian Ministry of Education license.
  • In July 1994 first students were matriculated into the Institute of Economics, Management and Law.
  • In November 1994 Economics Faculty was opened in the Institute.


  • Law Faculty was opened in the Institute.


  • In July 1997 our Institute passed an international accreditation. It gives a right to issue an internationally recognized diploma.


  • First students graduated from Economics Faculty. The Institute was attested by the Russian Ministry of Education.


  • In March 2000 by decision of Accreditation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education the Institute got state accreditation.
  • Opening of Psychology Faculty.
  • First students graduated from Law Faculty.


  • The opening of post
  • graduate department.


  • Opening of Management and Marketing Faculty.


  • In December 2004 the Institute celebrated the first decade of its existance.
  • Attestation


  • The institute’s collective was conferred an order named after Lomonosov for outstanding services and for a large contribution into the development of education in Russia.
  • The Institute became one of 100 best universities of Russia and got a golden medal «The European quality».
  • Rector of IEML, professor Vitaliy Gainullovich Timiryasov was named «Rector of the year»


  • Opening of Technology of Public Catering Products faculty.
  • The name of the Institute’s rector is included into encyclopedia «The best people of Russia»
  • Institute of Economics, Management and Law was awarded as the best university of the year three times – in 2004 – 2006.
  • Fifth-year Student of Law Faculty, chairman of IEML students’ Council, Alexander Karpov was awarded as «Student of the year» of the Tatarstan Republic.
  • Fidan Mindibaev, student of IEML Zelenodolsk branch, was honored by Russian President bonus for talented youth support.
  • For the first time on «Russian Student Spring» the first prize was won by a regional program of Tatarstan «Chelni – Paris – Dakar». This program was prepared by creative collectives of IEML.


  • Аt the ceremony awarding participants of exhibition «Education. Career. 2007» IEML was honored by 2 diplomas. The Tatarstan Ministry of Education and Science marked our institute for effective work with graduates and for the best presentation of educational establishment, and «Kazan Fair» Public Corporation administration - «for the most active corporate team and for the best presentation of university.
  • By edict of Tatarstan President Timiryasov V.G. earned a medal «For Valorous Labor» for many years of work on benefit of Tatarstan, worthy contribution to development of higher education in the Republic, and was awarded with the First Degree order of Peter the Great for services and for a large individual contribution to development of education and science in Russia.
  • According to the results of work in the recent years IEML was named «The university of students’ science» by the Tatarstan Republic Young Scientists and Specialists Movement.
  • In the «Student of year 2007» ceremony IEML won in nominations «The best student club», «The best creative collective»(«Mix Style»), and «The best volunteer».
  • IEML students Alina Glukhova and Dina Fatkhieva won in competition «Politzavod», organized by Kazan City Hall and by «Young Guard of United Russia» public organization. These students were named assistants of Kazan City Duma delegates: Alina Glukhova is assistant of Kazan mayor, Ilsur Metshin, and Dina Fathieva is assistant of delegate Nikolaj Ribushkin.
  • IEML got a grand prize of Kazan inter-university festival «Students’ Spring».


  • 01.08. А first-year student of IEML Nizhnekamsk branch Nadezhda Yelistratova was among the winners of the Republic competition «50 best innovative ideas of Tatarstan Republic».
  • 02.08. Pro-rector for Additional Education Irina Antonova won in the 9th Аll
  • Russia competition «Woman – director of the year» organized by «Association of women
  • entrepreneurs of Russia».
  • 08.02.08. А post-graduate student Andrej Nikitin was marked by the Letter of Gratitude by the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences active participation in development of science in Tatarstan.
  • 02.08. Economics Faculty Student Julia Mochalova became a holder of title «Miss Kazan – 2008» in 10th jubilee competition «Miss Tatarstan».
  • 03.08. An honorary certificate of the Russian Defense Ministry got Sulima L.O. Anatolij Serdukov marked her individual contribution in training citizens to military service and for her assistance to the Russian armed forces.
  • 03.08. IEML Pro-rector Sulima L.O. was honored by a sign of Tatarstan Ministry of Education and Science «For services in education».
  • 04.08. Psychology Faculty student Matvej Kozin won a grand prize of the 8th open Republic television festival «Constellation – Joldizlik» in nomination «Vocal». Аlexander Golovin got the second place at the same nomination.
  • 01.05.08. The institute’s creative collectives got the first place in inter-university festival «The students’ Spring»-2008 in the group of largest higher educational establishments.
  • 05.08. Director of administration of Kazan and Tatarstan Republic Restaurateurs and Hoteliers Association, «Tatinterrestaurants» Director General Zufar Fadipovich Gayazov expressed his gratitude to Rector V.G. Timiryasov, to IEML teachers and students for the professional skills and active assistance in organization of the Russian and CIS National Cuisines («Culinary heritage - 2008»), held with the assistance of the Russian President administration.
  • 22.05.08. In competition of creative works «My family», organized by «Ekho Moskvy» radio station together with Register Offices Administration of Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers won the leader of students’ PR-service Stas Kazbek (first degree diploma).
  • 06.08. In competition between students of jurist universities of Russia of the Volga Federal District won Dinara Khismutdinova (winter session), and Dinara Minacheva was the first in summer session.
  • 09.08. Administration of Vakhitov district of Kazan Executive Committee expressed gratitude to the Rector for help in charity event «Help to put up for school». This event was organized to assist children from needy families.
  • 09.08. The fifth-year student of Management and Marketing faculty Elena Sveshnikova got a grant from Tatarstan government for study in Moscow State University for Management by «Algarish» program.
  • 09.08. In the contest for the best thesis on "Public Finance", announced by the Editorial Board of the Russian magazine "Budget", two graduates of the Institute of Economics Management and Law has won . The 1st place was taken by Rinat Nurutdinov (Kazan), the 3rd place took Valentina Uvakina (Chistopol branch).
  • 10.08. The Ministry of Information and Communication of Tatarstan Republic sent to the Rector V.G.Timiryasov a letter of thanks for assistance in organization of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference "Infocommunication technologies of the global information society."
  • 10.08. A team of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law won in overall exam for preparation of young men for the Russian Federation Armed Forces by the results of national gatherings (1 degree diploma). Our Institute team took the 1 place in the volleyball tournament, as well as a diploma for the 1 place for the organization of cultural work during the training gatherings.
  • 11.08. At the Annual Awards Ceremony, "Student of the Year 2008" the Institute of Economics, Management and Law has won in the categories "The best public worker of the year" (President of the Students’ Board Alina Glukhova), "The best Student Public Organization" – the Students’ Board of IEML, as well as "The best student print edition» has won the newspaper of Bugulma branch «Gaudeamus» and "The best creative team» award has taken the dance team "Just Us" of Naberezhnye Chelny branch.
  • 11. 08. The Faculty of Management and Engineering Business celebrated the 5th Anniversary.
  • 11.08. The Faculty of Service, Tourism and Food Technology celebrated the 1st Anniversary.
  • 11.08. The "Poznaniye" Publishing House of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law was awarded by a diploma of All-Russian competition of educational publications "University Book-2008" in nomination "The best textbook on Pedagogics" for the book by Akhmetova D.Z. and Gabdulkhakov V.F "Theory and Methods of Education", a tutorial book with an electronic version.
  • 12.08. Irina Antonova, the Director of the Institute of Business Education, won in the contest "Russian Quality Leader."
  • 12.08. Team of students from Naberezhniye Chelny branch won the 2 degree diploma at National Student Olympiad on marketing.
  • 29.09. Albert Bikmullin, President of the Academy of Informatization of Tatarstan Republic handed to the Rector of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law V.G.Timiryasov a certificate of Honorary Member of the Academy, and to the Vice President for Economic Affairs Asiya Timiryasova - a title of Full Member of the Academy.
  • 17.12. The IEML was awarded a thankful letter by the Head of Kazan Executive Committee for active participation in the Russian Economic Youth Forum "Youth and the city's economy: new insights and solutions."
  • 18.12. Our Institute became a leader in nomination "Promotion of tourist market in Tatarstan Republic in the field of tourism education" for preparing of qualified specialists for work in the tourism business.
  • 25.12. 16 best students of the Head Institute and branches were awarded with Rector’s personal scholarship.

2009 IEML turned 15 years!

  • 02.09 The 1st group of specialists in Financial Law was released (in Kazan and Tatarstan Republic).
  • 01.09. A new IEML building in Nizhnekamsk branch was open.
  • 04.09. The Russian Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko awarded the IEML Rector Timiryasov V.G. with a honor charter for achievements in the administrative and teaching activities in the higher education system, significant advances in scientific research and many years of fruitful work.
  • 04.09 Margarita Filatova-Safronova, Senior Lecturer of IEML Department of Developmental Psychology and Psychophysiology won in the VI Republican contest of female beauty, motherhood and family, "Nechkebil" in the category "Woman is an initiative."
  • 05.09. The IEML took the 1st place in the Kazan Interuniversity Festival "Student Spring".
  • 05.09. The Festival "Russian Student Spring-2009" has brought new awards into the treasury of IEML student creative teams. The 1st degree diploma in the nomination “Original Genre of Parody" took STEM "Ru.STEM", the 2nd degree diploma in the nomination “Theatrical genre” “Stage miniatures” was awarded to «Mix Style» group, the 3rd degree diploma in musical category "Bard song. Ensembles "got Matvey Kozin and instrumental ensemble «Viva», the 3rd degree diploma in musical category "Bard” (pop music). Solo performance got Radik Sharibzhanov.
  • 06.09. The IEML has won the Grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for the organization of the All-Russian Scientific
  • Practical Conference on "New methods in solving the fundamental problems of social philosophy: Synergetic Anthropology."
  • 06.09. The IEML flag was set on the top of the Caucasus mountain range Northern Dolomite at an altitude of 3800 m by Rail Badertdinov, a student of IEML Law Faculty, group 291, the president of the Tatarstan Republic Mountaineering Federation.
  • 07.09. The Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdyukov awarded the IEML Rector Timiryasov V.G. with a honor charter for the preparation of Russian citizens for military service and the first place taken by Tatarstan Republic in the competition among the Russian Federation subjects in the best preparation of the Russian Federation citizens for military service.
  • 07.09. Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin awarded the IEML Vice President on educational work Sulima L.O. with a silver badge of honor of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of Tatarstan Republic "For merits in the state youth policy realization in Tatarstan".
  • 10.09. The IEML officially entered the national registry "Leading educational institutions of Russia".
  • 12.09. By the evaluation of the International Centre of Investment Consulting, the IEML was included in the Federal Register of conscientious suppliers in 2009.
  • 24.12. The post-graduate student of the IEML Psychology Faculty Artyom Rafaelevich Miftakhov was awarded a scholarship by Kazan Mayor for the scientific work "Development of comprehensive measures to combat smoking in higher educational institutions".
  • 10.12. Accreditation Board of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science the IEML and its branches were recognized accredited for 5 years.


  • 02.10. By decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission dated February 19, 2010 of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science the journal "Current Problems of Economics and Law", published by the Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan), was included into the list of leading publications, which should publish the main results of doctoral and candidate thesis in the range of economic and legal sciences.
  • 09.04. The IEML Rector, Professor Timiryasov V.G. was awarded the Medal of the Ministry of Defense "For the strengthening of military cooperation."
  • 03.10. The Order of the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science of 12th of March 2010 # 450 to issue a new license to the Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) to engage in educational activities.
  • 03.10 The College of Economics and Law celebrated the 10th anniversary.
  • 03.10 The first contest "Miss IEML" was held in IEML. Alina Mukhambetaliyeva, 2nd year student of Faculty of Management and Marketing, won in this contest.
  • 03.10. IEML and Dublin Institute of Technology (DTI, Ireland) signed a memorandum of cooperation.
  • 04.10. The 2nd year student of Law faculty, a member of the presidium of the IEML Student Board Artur Nurullin won the Grand Prix of Republican contest "Volunteer 2009", organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and the Coordinating Board of the volunteer movement in Tatarstan.
  • 05.10. The IEML has won the Grand Prix and was awarded 23 diplomas at the Annual Interuniversity Festival "Student spring 2010".
  • 05.10. The IEML Rector Professor Timiryasov V.G. has become a member of the Russian Union of Rectors. Appropriate decree was issued by the Board of the Russian Union of Rectors, led by the Rector of Moscow State University Sadovnichy V.A. on May 24, 2010.
  • 06.10 Margarita Filatova-Safronova, PhD (Psychology), lecturer of the Chair of Developmental Psychology and Psychophysiology of the IEML, has taken a honored premier place in the city contest "The best young high school teacher, 2010”
  • 06.10 Nadezhda Vanyukhina, Dean of the Management and Marketing Faculty, PhD (Psychology), IEML lecturer, became the winner of the national contest for young scientists "An innovative scientific lecture".
  • 06.10 IEML won the Grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for the organization and realization the All-Russian summer youth philosophy school "Socio-philosophical and socio-cultural potential of modern anthropological concepts".
  • 09.10 As a result of the V International Competition of educational publications of universities, "University Book - 2010" IEML journal "Actual Problems of Economics and Law" was recognized as the "Best university periodical" and the training complex “Economics (work book and practical course) won in the nomination "Best package for schools."
  • 09.10 Opening of the Psychological Center «EVENTUS».
  • 01.11 Paul C. Detsendorf, Doctor of Political Science and Public Affairs from the University of West Carolina delivered lectures on a personality’s innovative capacity in the Institute of Economics, Management and Law.
  • 12.11. Lilia Khalilova and Evgenia Kartashova, students of the Management and Marketing Faculty at the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, took first and second places in the team competition at the International Student Olympiad "Entrepreneurship and Management", organized at St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics (ENGECON).
  • 29.11. For the 6th time passed a solemn ceremony of awarding an annual student award "Student of the Year 2010" in a concert hall CEC "Pyramid". Construction brigade "Maximum" from the Institute of Economics, Management and Law claimed for the title of "Best student labor brigade". In the nomination "Best student creative team" a vocal-instrumental studio «Viva» was declared, and in the category "Best student social project" was nominated the project of social and psychological service "Insight" - all these projects are made by students of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law.
  • In autumn 2010, three fellows of the Tatarstan grant program "Algarysh" were trained in one of the best business schools in the world - European University, located in Geneva. Among them was Kirill S. Globov, an assistant lecturer of the Hotel and Tourism Chair of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law. On his return from a trip abroad, he was quick to share his knowledge and impressions from his stay in that vibrant city with his colleagues and students, by organizing in the Institute a workshop on the subject "Modern aspects of business planning (European approach)."
  • 27.12. Institute of Economics, Management and Law again opened doors hospitably for the participants of All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Kazan scientific readings for students and post-graduate students - 2010".


  • 25.01. On the occasion of the Russian Students Day a traditional meeting of the Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov with special state scholarship holders of the Tatarstan Republic and the winners of grants and awards for public support of scientific research young scientists and youth scientific teams of the Tatarstan Republic was held at the Kazan Kremlin. Igor Bakshaev, a 5th year student of the Law Faculty at the IEML, Natalia Latynina, a graduate student, the Vice-dean for Academic Affairs of Economics Faculty and youth research group from Institute of Economics, Management and Law under the guidance by Galina G.Semenova-Polyakh, lecturer of Chair of Developmental Psychology and Psychophysiology, became Holders of a special state grant of the Tatarstan Republic for the best scientific and methodological publication "Tolerance - What is it?"
  • 25.01. Our Institute became the third university to sign a cooperation agreement with the ANO "Executive Directory Kazan 2013". Vladimir Leonov, Director General of ANO "Executive Directory Kazan 2013", and Vitaly Timiryasov, professor, rector of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law took part in a solemn signing ceremony.
  • 29.01. The Meeting of the international departments leaders of Russian Universities has been held at the University of Minnesota. Among them was Liliya I. Bayanova, the representative of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law. She became a Fulbright Scholar for the international departments employees and took an intensive training course in the international department of the University of Minnesota.
  • At the IV contest "Humanitarian Book - 2010" the Publishing House "Poznaniye" of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law and teams of scientists won in the nomination "Science, theory of science", "Law", "Management in the education system”, "Economics", "Law ".
  • 29.03. On March 11, the Fund "Russian World" supported the project by the Institute of Economics, Management and Law "Program of retraining in the Russian language using distance learning technologies for the Malagasy School of Russian Studies". The project was estimated as a significant step in teaching Russian language on the island of Madagascar and strengthening friendship between the peoples of Russia and Madagascar. The team of teachers of the Institute of Distance Education, headed by Professor Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Dania Z. Akhmetova, took part in organization and preparation of the grant.
  • 29.03. The team of scientists of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law – PhD (Economics), lecturer Lilia V. Vorontsova, PhD (Economics), Lecturer Asiya V. Timiryasova, PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Lecturer Igor A. Fukin - won the competition of innovation projects "Start-2011" organized by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (Moscow) with the support from the Russian Federation Government. The project of our scientists received a grant of 5.4 million rubles.
  • 15.04. Official closing of the republican contest of scientific works of students and graduate students for the award named after N.I. Lobachevsky was held in the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences. In each of the 27 sessions of the conference the best young scientists were determined, including students and graduate students of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law.
  • 31.05. Institute of Economics, Management and Law became the absolute leader in number of winners at the Eleventh All-Russian Olympiad of the Russian National Economy, conducted by the All-Russian Public Organization "Youth Union of economists and financiers of the Russian Federation." 26 of our students were in the top five.
  • 07.06. There was a presentation of Research-Educational Cluster in the sphere of Trade, Hospitality and Services of the Tatarstan Republic, formed under the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan Republic of March 21, 2011. The cluster unites state institutions of primary and secondary professional education and two universities: the leading one - the Kazan Institute of the Russian State University for Trade and Economics and the partner university - Institute of Economics, Management and Law.
  • 09.06. Lidia P. Terekhova, Ph.D., lecturer of the Chair of Higher Mathematics at the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, won in the city competition "The best young high school teacher of Kazan-2011"!
  • 17.06. Institute of Economics, Management and Law successfully passed the certification of quality management system, which resulted in the university certificate ISO 9001:2008 issued by certification authority Cro Cert (Croatia).
  • 25.06. Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) again won a gold medal and was included among the 100 best universities in Russia, and the rector of our Institute - Academician Vitaly G. Timiryasov – was awarded an honorary sign "Rector of the Year 2011". Awarding of winners of the "100 best universities in Russia 2011" was held at the V All-Russian conference "Problems and prospects of higher education and science in the Russian Federation", chaired by Nobel Prize winner, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Jaures Alferov.
  • 27.06. The Opening Ceremony of the Third Labor Term, attended by Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Russia Vitaliy Mutko, passed on June 24 at the "Center for Rowing Sports", built for the Universiade. Vitaliy Mutko presented a ccertificate for the organization of labor groups in the Yamal peninsula, where there is an arrangement of oil and gas field, to Adel Usmanov, a student of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law, head of the student construction brigade "Maximum”.
  • 01.07. The signing of cooperation agreements between the Union of Russian Entrepreneurs in Germany, the company "Reinhold Group" (Hamburg), Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan), and youth social movement of young scientists and specialists of the Republic of Tatarstan took place at the Second Congress of Compatriots - graduates of Russian universities, working in the Russian Federation and abroad.


  • 12.01. IEML and Agency of Investment Development of the Republic of Tatarstan signed the memorandum of cooperation. As a result of the signed document, the parties became the reliable partners for each other. In further that will let them exchange the experience in state and private partnership in the republic.
  • 31.01. At the meeting of the board of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Republic of Tatarstan IEML presented to the Prime-Minister of the republic Ildar Khalikov its innovation system Idis.Education. The software helps to get more efficiency in arranging events at the education institutions, as well as enables all the participants of the information process - students, teachers, staff and administration-to have the fast remote access to the necessary information.
  • 10.02. Ruslan Mansurov, PhD in economics at the Institute of Economics, Law and Management, was awarded as the Best Young Scientist in social studies and humanities. The winner takes a responsible position of the Head of the IEML branch in Zelenodolsk. Besides, Ruslan Eugenyevich is preparing to defend his doctoral thesis.
  • 22.02. IEML was the first higher education institution in the Republic of Tatarstan to pass the accreditation of the post-graduate study in economics, law, psychology and pedagogics. Accreditation gives the prospects of scientific and pedagogical staff training, opening new specializations in post-graduate study and the 3-4 year doctorate course.
  • 21.03. The representatives of the Poznanie establishment (IEML, Kazan) were awarded twice at the Siberian regional book contest “University book 2012”. The three volume edition “Selected works” by professor V.P. Malkov was awarded the diploma of the third degree for the “High culture in education literature establishment”, while the first place certificate for the “Best Popular Mass Literature Edition” was given to the book by a group of scientists of the Faculty of Psychology “My Unique Child (or A Guide for Happy Parents)”.
  • 23.03. IEML students took a victory three times at the regional stage of the VI Russian national professional contest for the students of the higher and secondary education institutions “1C: Accounting 8”. The first place was taken by the fourth-year student of the faculty of economics Endzhe Zinnatova. The second place was taken by her group-mate Liliya Rysayeva. Besides, the IEML team became the leader at the team scoring.
  • 5.04. IEML took the initiative in establishing seven small innovation enterprises at Technopolice “Novaya Tura” where the institute’s graduates will have practice and then work. The total area of the Technopolice complex will comprise 400, 000 sq.m. At the moment, by estimation, 25, 000 people staff will be required there.
  • 6.04. The students of the IEML branch in Naberezhny Chelny took a victory at the republican stage of the ХII Open Russian National Contest of student works in PR “Crystal orange”. Their work “Election PR-technologies at the municipal elections” was acknowledged as the best one in Public Relations in Political and Election Technologies nomination.
  • 9.04. At the contest of scientific works of under-graduate and post-graduate students in honor of N.I. Lobachevsky the Institute of Economics, Management and Law happened to have the biggest number of victories after the KFU. This year the contest has got the status of the open one and the applications have been received from all over the country. The works were judged by the members of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, doctors of philosophy, professors and doctors of science.
  • 11.04. The team of the IEML branch in Naberezhny Chelny became the winner of the Best Law Clinic contest. Estimating the work in 2011, the head of the clinic Natalya Anatolyevna Yuschenko was awarded the diploma.
  • 12.04. IEML was granted the certificate of the public accreditation by the Association of Lawyers of Russia (ALR). The presentation was held under the chairmanship of Sergei Stepashin at the meeting of the board of the ALR. This accreditation is granted to the most powerful and authorized higher education institutions which are able to pass the education quality control held by the lawyers association: MSU, SPBU, MSAl and others. Today among them there are only 2 Tatarstan higher education institutions – K(P)FU and IEML.
  • 16.04. The group of the young scientists of the small innovative enterprise IDIS SOFT Public Limited Company became the winner of the Software Research and Development open contest in so called “cloud technologies”, where presented the development of the management system of all labor-market players’ interaction integrated with the systems of study process management in education institutions based on the ‘cloud technologies”, the project “IDIS: Educational Association”.
  • 27.04. Institute of Economics, Management and Law signed the memorandum of cooperation with the Moscow Academy of Finance and Law. The document was signed by IEML rector professor Timiryasov Vitaliy Gainullovich and the MAFL first vice
  • rector Zabelin Oleg Alekseyevich. It will let the institutions develop in cooperation, exchange experience and achievements, defend their interests in the world education community.
  • 18.05. The Faculty of Management and Engineering Business of the IEML and Higher School of Economics and Management (Prague, Czech Republic) has signed the agreement of cooperation which enables the parties to cooperate in preparing, arranging and holding conferences, forums, seminars, as well as to have under-graduate and post-graduate students and teaching staff exchange.
  • 2.06. At the Federal Сontest the Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) was granted 185 federal budget funded students positions with no tuition fee for the applicants of the head institution and its branches of the internal form of study.
  • 13.06. The Institute of Business Education of the IEML (Kazan) started the MBA program.
  • 18.06. The IEML staff was granted the “Algarysh” state program diplomas in Logistics specialization.
  • 29.06.The catering faculty and the design department had their first graduates.
  • 16.06. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law and Marriot International World famous Hotel Chain have signed the agreement on cooperation.
  • 18.06. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) got into the list of Top5 Best Private Higher Education Institutions of Russia according to the data of Rosrating national rating certifying agency.
  • 04.08. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) became the only private higher education institution in Tatarstan which became one of the participants of the education credits supporting state program (according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of August 10, 2012 # 605).
  • 10.08. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) became the winner of University book -2012 VI Russian national contest of the higher education press.
  • 8.10. The IEML student got into Top 5 best and the most powerful trustworthy fund managers and appeared on the Forbes magazine’s pages as well.
  • 2.11. The IEML football team took the first place at the III Student Football Championship Final, defeating the Kazan State Medical University team.
  • 5.12. The Institute of economics, management and law (Kazan) won the target grant for the ExLibris company products which is known as the world monopolist in the electronic education resources access (about 5, 000 higher education institutions and the first-rate libraries of the world) and starts the project of entering the international information community.


  • 17.01. At the VI General meeting of the board of the heads of private higher education institutions of Russia, the IEML Vice-rector for economic affairs Timiryasova Asiya Vitalyevna was elected as the Member of the Council of Private Higher Education Institutions of Russia Association.
  • 20.01. In the middle of January a new study court room opened at the department of law. It imitates perfectly a real court room environment.
  • 22.01. Mezikova Ilsiya Khamatovna, the Head of the IEML branch in Nizhnekamsk, an Associate Professor, and Kramin Timur Vladimirovich, D.Sc. Economics, Professor, have become the Members of the Civic Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • 5.02. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) has established the Vera center of Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Resocialization of people in difficult life situations.
  • 8.02. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) and the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers signed the agreement on cooperation.
  • 11.02. The agreement on cooperation was signed by the Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) and the Scientific and Research University of the Higher School of Economics international logistic center.
  • 20.03.Bikeev Igor Izmaylovich, the first vice-rector of the IEML, the vice-rector for research, doctor of law, professor, became the author of the unique edition having nothing to be compared with in the history of Russian law study. It is a multi-volume “Encyclopedia of the Criminal Law”.
  • 25.03. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) and St.Lawrence University (Kampala, Uganda, South Africa) signed the agreement on cooperation.
  • 26.03. The IEML student Koupenkov Marat became an absolute winner at the Korash national sports wrestling open championship.
  • 26.03. The IEML students became the finalists of the Tazetdinov Republican Law Contest.
  • 28.03.The IEML student’s graduation work took the first place at the contest of graduation works in Accounting, Analysis and Audit specialization.
  • 29.03. The Department of Theoretical and Inclusive Pedagogy of the IEML (Kazan) have started providing the teaching staff of the pre-school, school and professional education institutions with the scientific and research assistance in a mastering the inclusive education technologies.
  • 02.04. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) signed the agreement on cooperation with the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).
  • 10.04. Fetyuhina Margarita, the IEML post-graduate student, became the champion among the best sportsmen of Russia at the XII sports competition in memory of Minnihanov N.M., an honored forest specialist of Russia and Tatarstan.
  • 05.06. IEML held the opening of VERA Center for adaptation, rehabilitation and re-socialization.
  • 25.06. IEML graduates who had graduated with honors and began to receive the European Official Transcipt.
  • 02.07. IEML was among the winners of the “100 best universities and research institutes of Russia” and got the like-named gold medal, and founder and the first rector of the Institute V.  Timiryasov got a badge of honour “Rector of the Year”.
  • 04.07. IEML is traditionally included in the National Register at year-end 2012 “Leading educational institutions of Russia” at year-end 2012.
  • 25.07. IEML students brought to the treasury of Russia 11 medals, including five gold, two silver and four bronze, at the XXVII World Summer Student Games in Kazan.
  • 29.08. IEML was the only one high school establishment in the Republic of Tatarstan and in the Volga region Federal District which received two grants at Open Grants Competition to non-profit non-governmental organizations, held in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2013.
  • 01.10. IEML signed an agreement on the implementation of a unique double-degree program with the Budapest Management Institute (Hungary).
  • 03.10. IEML was a partner and co-organizer of the V International Economic Summit of Russia and OIC countries, held in Kazan, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and with the support of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
  • 15.11. Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) begins cooperation with universities in Latin America in the field of Russian language teaching.
  • 06.12. International Center on Inclusive Education was created in IEML to form a theorists and practitioners community who are interested in international studies and implementation of inclusive education in Russia and abroad.
  • 23.12. An agreement on cooperation for practice for foreign students in Kazan and internships at the premises of hotels – partners of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law was signed between IEML and the People's Academy of Tertiary & Higher Education of the Republic of Sri Lanka.
  • 26.12. Institute of Economics, Management and Law has become the winner of the republican stage of the All-Russian contest “Russian organization of high social efficiency” once again.

2014 – We are 20!

  • In January the Institute of Economics, Management and Law got the budget places for applicants 2014/2015 according to the results of the Federal Contest.
  • 25.01. IEML students won the IX Annual Student Award of the Republic of Tatarstan “Student of the Year – 2013” in two categories – “Foreign Student of the Year” (M. Kalonova) and “Athlete of the Year” (A. Kornilov).
  • 04.04. IEML team became two-time champion of the Student Football League of universities in the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • 23.04. IEML held the signing of agreement on cooperation and interaction between the Tatarstan regional branch of the All-Russian Popular Front and the Bulgarian national movement “Domestic Union”.
  • 22.05. IEML – the only organization in Tatarstan which got a status of federal innovation platform for advanced training and retraining of specialists in the field of public and municipal procurement according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • 30.05. The launch of the Avaya video conferencing system was held. IEML became the first institute in Tatarstan and one of the few in Russia who switched to a new technological level.
  • 19.06. L. Bikkinina, IEML student of translation and translation studies department won a grant from the Ministry of Education of China to get a master’s degree at the University of Republic of China on a budgetary basis.
  • 20.06. IEML head institution and all its branches are found to be effective once again according to the monitoring results of Ministry of Education and Science. IEML was ranked 2nd among all institutions of higher education in Tatarstan and the 1st among the private universities of the republic.
  • Agreements on advanced training and retraining of employees in the field of public and municipal procurement with more than 50 organizations of the Republic of Crimea were signed in Simferopol.
  • 21.08. IEML was one of the first universities in Tatarstan which was accredited to carry out unified qualification examination of appraisers and was included in the appropriate list of Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.
  • 28.08. IEML held the awarding diplomas ceremony to the first graduates of the MBA program.
  • 06.09. IEML took second place at the All-Russian contest “Russian organization of high social efficiency” in category “For the development of human resources in the organizations of the non-productive sphere.”
  • 24.09. The IEML Institute of Distance Learning launched educational program training Congolese teachers with the financial support of the “Russian world”.
  • 26.09. The Faculty of Tourism Service and Catering Technology brought two silver, three bronze medals and two diplomas from Moscow, where the Fifth Anniversary Youth Culinary and Service Championship “Student feast” was held from 23 to 26 September, 2014. The championship was attended by 47 vocational schools from all over Russia.
  • 27.09. IEML held an awarding ceremony of winners of the International Competition of publications for higher education “University Book 2014: social and human sciences”.
  • 29.09. An agreement on cooperation in the framework of Mevlana students, teachers and researchers exchange program between IEML and HITIT University (Chorum, Turkey) was signed.
  • 16.10. An agreement on double degrees for students trained in “Psychology” was signed at the University of Debrecen (Hungary). The agreement will allow our students to study psychology in IEML and to be students of the Hungarian University at the same time, and to get diplomas of two universities after graduation.
  • 25.11. According to the results of the first Russian national prize “Student of the Year – 2014”, which was held in the framework of the “Student Russia” forum and gathered around 300 students from 35 regions of the country, Anton Kornilov, a student at the Management and Engineering Business Faculty, won in the category “Sportsman of the Year”, and law student Mavzuna Kalonova became the winner of the Award in the category “International Student of the Year”. There were three representatives of high schools in Tatarstan among the winners, our students were the only representatives of non-state universities of Russia.
  • 12.12. A letter of appreciation addressed to the IEML staff from the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mr. R. Minnikhanov, who praised the contribution of IEML employees to the development of higher education and training of needed qualified personnel for the republic, was received.


  • 14.01. Anton Shibalov’s crew, who is a graduate of Naberezhnye Chelny IEML branch, won the first place in the desert mastodons category and second in the absolute rally at ESO AFRICA RACE 2015.
  • 25.01. According to the results of X Annual Student Award in the Republic of Tatarstan  “Student of the Year 2014”, IEML was declared “the Higher Education Establishment of the Year”, IEML Student Council won in the category ”The best high school student government”, Naberezhnye Chelny IEML branch student became a finalist and winner of the Audience Choice Award in the category “Grand Prix” Prize, a law student awarded a special prize in the category “Athlete of the Year”, IEML College received a diploma of Award Laureate in the category “Best student government of specialized secondary schools”.
  • 21.02. IEML team won at the table tennis contest among students participated in Games of the higher educational institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • In March, IEML successfully passed the accreditation by the Russian Union of Insurers as an educational institution recommended for advanced training of expert technicians.
  • 20.04. IEML team won 1st place at mini-football contest among men's teams participated in Games of the higher educational institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • 29.04. The meeting of the management of the Kazan Institute of Economics, Management and Law with Business School representatives of the University of Hong Kong was held in Hong Kong, and as a result the IEML Rector Asiya Timiryasova and the Director of MBA programs Larry Kiu signed a memorandum of understanding on the development and implementation of joint educational programs.
  • 16.05. IEML economics student from Kazakhstan Aigul Orakbaeva awarded the title of Vice-Miss “Pearl of the World 2015” and “Miss Elegance” at the final round of the International student beauty contest “Pearl of the World”, and IEML college student from the Republic of Uzbekistan Fazilat Matyaqubova got the title “Miss Smile”.
  • 03.06. IEML ranked 13th with 71 points according to its results in 2014 at All-Russian university graduates employment centers rating. IEML was the second among all the universities of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian private universities.
  • 07.06. Chistopol IEML branch student Victoria Voronina won in her weight category at the European Arm Wrestling Championship which took place in Sofia (Bulgaria).
  • 16.06. The Kazan IEML head university and its branches in Tatarstan once again were found to be effective according to the monitoring results of higher education institutions activities in 2015 conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • 20.06. The Senior Lecturer in the IEML Foreign Languages and Translation Department of the Service, Tourism and Catering Technology Faculty A. Suleymanova headed the winners list at the Contest “The best young university teachers in Kazan – 2015” organized by the Committee for Children and Youth Affairs in Kazan, the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists in Kazan.
  • 26.06. IEML law student Victoria Lebedeva, Ekaterina Guseva, Anna Blazhko triumphed at the European Students Table Tennis Championship which was held from 19 to 24 June 2015, Geneva (Switzerland).
  • 02.07. Alexandra Morozova, IEML college 3rd year student won the title of the First Princess “Miss Teen Planet-2015” at the XX International beauty and talent competition-festival Little Miss and Mister Planet-2015 which took place in Bulgaria.
  • 08.07. The agreement on cooperation between the Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan) and the Association of foreign students and postgraduates (Aisa) of the Republic of Tatarstan was signed in IEML. Legal and educational cooperation includes joint development of law-navigator for international students, providing legal assistance to foreign students at the IEML law clinic.
  • 21.07. Chistopol IEML branch college student Valery Saleev became one of the youngest members of the expedition to the Arctic – the first phase of the project “13 Seas of Russia” in Russian Geographical Society. The highlight of the expedition was the immersion of FINA World Championships symbol – capsule filled with the water from the Kazanka river to the bottom of the Barents Sea.
  • 21.07. IEML economics 2nd year student Nicholas Warm is the winner of a gold medal in shooting at XXVIII Summer Universiade in Kvandzhu (South Korea).
  • 27.07. IEML student, master of sports, current champion of Russia Ekaterina Rabaya won the silver medal at the European Shooting Championship which took place in Maribor (Slovenia).
  • 17.08. Representatives of the Institute for the intellectual development (Vienna, Austria) visited IEML. The meeting resulted in signing of a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the field of student and academic exchange, joint participation in grant projects, internship programs, and organization of round tables.
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