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Faculty of Management and Engineering Business

Specialization: «Municipal administration»
Qualification: «Manager»
Term of study: full-time tuition – 5 years, tuition by correspondence and evening education – 5.5 years.
Shortened terms of study (for persons who already have higher or secondary vocational education) – 3 years.

Who is a specialist in state and municipal administration sphere? A specialist in state and municipal administration is a state or municipal employee, realizing activities on state or municipal position, and having authorized privileges and special legal status.

What does he do? A specialist in state and municipal administration takes part in solving problems of state and municipal significance, participates in the process of state and municipal administration, works with people and different organizations, and considers citizen’s applications.

Where can work specialist in state and municipal administration? Graduating students can work in executive committees, city hall, authority departments, in state establishments and private companies on following positions: key and main specialist, department manager, human resources and projects manager.

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