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International activity of IEML

Welcome to the International Office (IO) of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan)

On behalf of the entire staff of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law(IEML, Kazan), I would like to welcome you to our international community. We are dedicated to facilitating the opportunities for all students, teachers and administrative staff to participate in mobility schemes that aim to provide an international dimension to their study or work experience. Having great experience in international education, the IO continues to attract talent from all over the world and to expand relationships with other institutes, bringing students from under-represented countries. We hope that you will take advantage of the opportunities IEML offers, and your interactions with each other, as well as with the rest of the community, will be stimulating, enjoyable and productive.


The International Office has a coordinating role at IEML, which means that we:

  • Supply information about our student’s opportunities for foreign exchange studies.
  • Inform teachers and staff about their mobility options.
  • Are responsible for the admission of incoming international students.
  • Are responsible for professional support and quality advising services to international students and scholars, regarding their immigration states in Russia
  • Administrate and spread information about scholarships for students, teachers and staff that are offered within a number of mobility programs.
  • Work for a more efficient administration surrounding the reception of international students.
  • Maintain regular contacts with our central bilateral partners.
  • Maintain regular contacts with external organizations in different international concerns, in order to accumulate knowledge that may be of use in the continued internationalization of our university.

We look forward to being a helpful part of your IEML experience. Our best wishes for successful and enjoyable study.



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