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Summer schools

Summer/Winter Russian Language School

One of the most important focus areas for us is the teaching Russian as a foreign language. Summer/Winter School consists of intensive courses for studying Russian language and acquaintance with Russian culture. Courses are conducted in the equipped up-to-date classrooms of the Institute of economics, management, and law . The Kazan program offers an extensive schedule of excursions and activities. In the summer, you are provided with a peer-guide who will help you during your stay. We can arrange city and suburb tours for you (from $20 per trip).

Language training programs for different levels of Russian proficiency (from full beginner) of the following duration:

  • Two weeks (60 academic hours) ($250)
  • Three weeks (60 academic hours) ($250)
  • Four weeks (80 academic hours) ($280)
  • Six weeks (120 academic hours) ($350)
  • Eight weeks (160 academic hours) ($600)

School language: English/Russian

Accommodation: students can stay in:

  • Russian host family (breakfast and dinner are provided) ($140/week)
  • Students hostel equipped with swimming pool, sauna and café ($25/week)

Application deadline: November, 10th (winter), May, 1st (summer)
Contacts: internoffice@ieml.ru

Psychological Competence School

The School consists of theoretical and practical classes. They will help the Attendees to reveal all features of their characters. It will teach how to take advantage of them in different life situations, to set aims and achieve them. Highly experienced professors and practitioners will share their work methods and will immerse students into psychological and multi-cultural environment. That’s why the School will be beneficial for both specialists and amateurs in Psychology.

The program of Psychological Competence School concerns the following competence:

  • Emotional;
  • Communication and presentation;
  • Mass-media invulnerability;
  • Goal-setting;
  • Language in multi-cultural environment;
  • Intercultural relation;
  • Russian language.

Duration: 4 weeks ($300)
School language: English
Accommodation: Students hostel equipped with swimming pool, sauna and café ($100)/host families ($570 with two-times meal)
Application deadline: June, 1st
Contacts: internoffice@ieml.ru

Summer school “Peculiarities of Russian Civilization”

This program consists of the following blocks:

  • Russian language in the context of intercultural dialogue (20 academic hours)
  • Controversial moments of Russian history: modern-day attempt to interpret them (20 academic hours)
  • Peculiarities of Russian philosophical thought (20 academic hours)
  • Russian culture in the context of World Art (20 academic hours)
  • Russian mentality identity: search for origins and meaning (20 academic hours)

Duration: 2 months (from $235)
School language: Russian
Language proficiency: Russian B1 and higher
Accommodation: Students hostel equipped with swimming pool, sauna and café ($100/month)/ host families ($570/per month with two-times meal)
Application deadline: April, 1st
Contacts: internoffice@ieml.ru

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