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Faculty of Economics

Dean - Renat Ildarovich Khikmatov, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
Deputy Dean for learning and teaching work –Natalia Alexandrovna Latynina
Deputy Dean for scientific work –Alsou Makhmutovna Galiakhmetova, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor
Deputy Dean for part-time learning - Albina Rashitovna Garipova
Senior Manager - Svetlana Germanovna Kozlova
Manager –Ekaterina Ivanovna Gavrilova
Manager –Diana Valerievna Ibragimova

The faculty has 5 departments:

  • Economic Theory
  • Finance and Credit
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Taxes and Taxation

Educational activities at the Faculty of Economics are performed on the following specialties:
BACHELOR’S courses:

  • «Finances and Credits»
  • «Accounting, Analyze and Audit»
  • «Tax and Taxation»
  • «Financial Management»

MASTER’S courses:

  • «Company Economics»

Postgraduate studies on the specialties:

  • Economic Theory
  • Economics and Management in Agriculture (Marketing; Economics; Organization and Management of the Enterprises, Areas and Complexes; Economic Safety; Regional Economics; Entrepreneurial Economics, Management of the Innovations; Recreation and Tourism);
  • Finances, Currency Circulation and Credit
  • Accounting, statistics


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