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Dear applicants, students and their parents!!!

We would like to announce the emergence of the unique opportunity for the applicants and students from Sri Lanka and India. The joint educational program of the PATHE Academy (Sri Lanka, Colombo) and the Institute of economics, management and law (Russia, Kazan) (IEML) has just launched. We start accepting students wishing to study at educational program in Psychology BA (distant form of education). The duration of education is 3 years. This project allows to get two diplomas of education in two specialties (the first is medical of the PATHE Academy and the second is psychological of the IEML). The diploma of the IEML is recognized all over the world.

Faculty of Psychology at the Institute of economics, management and law has opened in September, 1994. Since that time, the faculty has passed a long and glorious way. Outstanding scientists and experts in theoretical and practical psychology are working at the faculty. Psychology gives essential and important skill of understanding the world, life, people and person himself/herself. Our academic stuff includes both Russian and foreign lecturers and professors, with whom students have an opportunity to communicate due to distant technologies and personally as this program supposes lectures in PATHE Academy twice a year.

The detailed information is available at internofice@ieml.ru as well as in the IEML international office or at the PATHE Academy and at admissions@patheacademy.org

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