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Today no one needs to be convinced that a successful career begins with good education. The Institute of Economics, Management and Law was created in 1994, in order to promote the exceptional quality of young specialists’ training. It's important for us to equip our students with theoretical and practical knowledge to help them achieve professional success. According to this trend, we are coordinating our activities. We provide training in many areas in our Institute: Law, Economics, Psychology, Management, and Service. We also constantly monitor the market needs for new professions. In recent years we began to prepare specialists in Quality Management, Applied Computer Science in Economics, Hotel and Tourism Business, Interpreting and Technology of Catering.

Certainly the quality of education depends first of all on the qualifications of the faculty. Our students are lucky, because they study at a unique institution of professional training and higher education under the guidance of talented scholars including 200 PhD’s and candidates of sciences. All our activities stem from our philosophy of combining the fundamentals of education with modern information technology. Innovation in the educational process, scientific research, development of distance learning and business education experience with classical education methodology allows IEML graduates to adapt to the requirements of today’s life.

Last but not least, the Institute is located in the beautiful city of Kazan, the capital and largest city in the republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Often called the “Third Capital of Russia” and “Sports Capital of Russia”, this multi-ethnic, multi-cultural city offers its residents and visitors a multitude of business opportunities and fascinating leisure activities. 

Rector of Institute of Economics, Management and Law
PhD in Economics
Timiryasova A.V.

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