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Department of the Russian Language and Linguistics

Director of the Department – Alla Gennadiyevna Khoroshavina, Ph.D in Phililogy, Associate Professor.
Manager - Venera Sibgatullina

The Department of Russian language and Linguistics is the youngest department in the Institute. Creation of the Department was the need for increased attention to communication, humanities and language component of specialist training in high school, on the one hand, and the growing importance of Russian language in modern Russian society, the need to prevent the fall of the overall oral cultures - on the other.

The Department was opened in May 2007, although the teaching of Russian Language, Linguistics and applied disciplines related to business the Russian language, culture, ethics and business communication, etiquette, business person, paperwork, etc., conducted at the Institute for over 10 years.

The aim of the Department is raising sensitivity to the native language, the formation of an active, thinking person language students and teachers.

In addition to the subject of the Russian Language and Speech have been introduced more disciplines for students of all faculties. The Department chair is reading language courses for students of “Foreign Languages and Translation”: "Introduction to Linguistics", "Introduction to Intercultural Communication", "Stylistics Russian Language and Speech "," The Ancient Languages and Culture "," General Linguistics " for law students - Latin," Fundamentals of oratory. "

Given the extensive practical experience in public relations, lecturer also carries reading these applied disciplines at the interface of lingvo-humanitarian sciences, such as «Public Relations»,« PR-technologies "," Imageology" for students of Management and Business Engineering.

Lecturers of the Department are actively engaged in research for intercollegiate, regional and international scientific conferences, publishes research results in collections of scientific papers, the central journals.

The main scientific research areas of the Department is related to the actual problems of lexical-semantic and syntactic systems of modern Russian language and the design content of the training the students based on competent approach.

Among the promising areas of the department is teaching Russian as a foreign language. For this purpose there is the study of problems and methods of teaching trials to study the features of foreign language audience.

Established contacts with the Turkish consulate in the Republic of Tatarstan, outlined the prospects of Turkish universities training students to study the Russian language on the basis of the Institute.

In order to improve the communicative culture of high school teachers, speech skills and teaching of rhetoric, imparting high culture of lecturers of all departments of the Institute. The course are lectures on the current status and ways of development of the Russian language, and practical exercises to overcome the difficulties in the Russian spelling and punctuation, language design written scientific text and business papers, training professionally oriented teacher of rhetoric and culture of public speaking.

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