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Department of Commercial Management

Director of the Department – Irina Ilgizovna Antonova, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, the Vice-rector in Vocational Education, Director of the Institute of Business Education, the Specialist in the area of Quality, EFQ Auditor.
Deputy Director for career orientation – Guzel Hanovna Mukhametshina
Deputy Director for scientific work – Igor Nikolayevich Maslov
Deputy Director for Learning Support – Alsou Talgatovna Khadiyeva

Bachelor’s Course:
“Management of Quality”:

  • Management of Quality in Engineering and Manufacturing Systems
  • Management of Quality in the area of Everyday Life and Services

All educational programs are worked out according to the standards of FSES.

In the educational process are used as traditional forms of work with a student (lectures, practical classes, course and graduate works) as new methods of education (business games, complex tasks, etc.). Using modern technologies and active methods of education allow to increase the effectiveness of the educational process and prepare specialist according to demands of the labor market.

Projection devices, projection screens and laptops are used by lecturers of the Department during practical classes and lectures. Using multimedia technologies on classes makes the educational process more effective.

The Department of Commercial Management constantly works on implementing of new forms and methods of education. For the purpose of the cognitive work activization of students, different tests, analyzes of practical situations, etc. are used.

Laboratory facilities constantly develop and improve. Laboratory stands, based on modern information technologies and the most modern achievements of microprocessing and microcontrolling technology from Russian and foreign producers are used in the educational process.

With an emerging and wide spreading of the software environment of the mathematic and general-purpose simulation in science and education for studying the row of disciplines, virtual e-labs with using of the program product Multisim (Electronics Workbench) are created.

The main scientific area of the Department are problems of working out and implementing of the integrated systems of management of quality SMQ) and their elements. At the Department work high qualified specialists among which are the Dr. in Technical Science, 7 PhD in different areas and best practicing specialists.


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