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Department of Environmental Design

Director of the Department – Elvira Foatovna Sibgatullina

Who a Designer is? This is a specialist, who does the creative work, which is aimed at the improvement of the environment, increasing the functionality, quality level of the interior and exterior, image creation, designing. What does he/she do? A Designer makes information and advertisement miniatures, works out a brand style, a design of packings, brands, designs publications, projects, reports, creates illustrations for texts, takes part in the designing of buildings, does environmental and polygraph design.

Where a Designer can work? Graduates can be “free” designers, work in different organizations: advertisement, PR and different creative agencies, printing-office, furniture shops, architectural companies, educational institutes. They can work not only in the field of the environmental design but in other areas of design too (computer design, environmental design, commercial design).

What Designers study? During the education a future specialist gets knowledge about the procedure for forming living and public environment in relation to functional opportunities and artistic tasks, the ways and means of emphasis and composition organization increasing of environmental object complex and their elements.

A student studies to make designing tasks at all levels of the artistic projection from the pre-projective analyze to the existing project of environmental objects.

“The main task in the Design Art is the skill to collect the whole object environment of the interior in the “single entity”, when all elements are interconnected and form the single view (system). To study to form this system, create harmonic environment is one of the most main tasks of a student.

High qualified lecturers and practicing designers work in the Department. Most of them are members of creative unions: Union of Artists, Union of Architectures, Union of Designers. The Department’s lecturers engage active creative activity in the field of Art, Design and Architecture.


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