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26 января 2016

Diana Mamakova is the “main” student of Tatarstan

On January, 25th, Russian students’ day, the Finale of the annual student award of the Republic of Tatarstan “Student of the year – 2015” took place in “Pyramid” entertainment complex. IEML students won in two out of four given nominations.

Native of Naberezhnye Chelny Diana Mamakova was fighting for Grand Prix, JFF Style dance group – for a title of the best creative team, IEML college student council – for the right to be called “the best student self-government of secondary vocational education” and native of Chistopol Valetiy Saleev was nominated for “Athlete of the year”.

“Student of the year” is also called “student Oscar”. The jury selects the winners in each nomination: “Student mass media of the year”, “Journalist of the year”, “Student labor detachment”, “Student dorm self-government”, “Student self-government of secondary vocational education”, “Student project of the year”, “Volunteer of the year”, “Student self-government of higher education establishment”, “Foreign student of the year”, “Student scientific organization of the year”, “Intelligence of the year”, “Student sports club of the year”, “Athlete of the year”, “Creative person of the year”, “Creative team”, “Student club”, “Student public organization of the year”, “Public figure of the year”.

The most important nomination is Grand Prix “Student of the year”. In 2006 IEML student Aleksandr Karpov won the title of the best student, and 10 years after our institute achieved this victory again!

The triumph of Diana Mamakova was expected. In 2015 she gained first place on All-Russian contest “Leader of the XXI century” in a nomination “Head of a youth public association”. Successful IEML college and bachelor graduate, she is now completing her master’s degree in law. Being a Student Council activist of the IEML branch in Naberezhnye Chelny and a curator of social projects, she is doing her scientific research and became a winner of All-Russian creative contest “Miss youth – 2013”, republican contests “Best  commissioner of labor squad – 2014” and “Young Pioneer leader of the year – 2014”, scientific-research conference “Student scientific potential in the beginning of XXI century” (2015), grant of the Mayor of Naberezhye Chelny (2014) and “Face of the Universiade – 2013”.

Three more people aspired to Grand Prix. Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Ildar Khaikov announced the winner’s name. In her speech Diana Mamakova said: “If you don’t try you won’t succeed”.

It is no coincidence that Chistopol branch college student Valeriy Saleev, commander of the underwater youth squad of Russian Geographic society, co-author of a world record of immersion won in a nomination “Athlete of the year”. This young man’s activity is socially important. He does a scientific research on flora and fauna of the polar region of Russia and Antarctica, small rivers and historical places of Tatarstan; regularly organizes the events for popularizing underwater sports, healthy lifestyle and patriotism among young people.

JFF Style dance group made a decent performance on the competition, as well as the IEML college student council. The public gave them a warm welcome.

All the winners received prize money and valuable gifts.

We congratulate our students and thank them for glorification of IEML!


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